Warper Motor

To help you set up your looms with a sectional warp beam.

Warper Motor
Warper Motor
$ 2 099 *
Tip Séguin ***
$ 239 *
Tip Leclerc blue****
$ 239 *
Tip Leclerc purple****
$ 239 *
Tip Clément regular****
$ 269 *
Tip Custom
$ 339 and more *


  • Programmable number of turn
  • Programmable speed
  • Programmable direction
  • 24 months limited conventional warranty**

For more details :

* Canadian dollar and taxes are not included
** in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec and Canada on normal wear and tear parts and labour. The full information on this guarantee is detailed in warranty policy.
*** To use on the sectional warp beam that can be added to the trolley of a Séguin loom.
*** Warp beams of other brands are subject to change without notice by the manufacturers and we are not responsible for these changes. However, it will be possible for us to develop an new tip to meet the need if necessary, but this will be subject to a price to be determined.