Fiber characteristics

You are wondering wich fiber to choose for your projects.  This workshop will give you the tools to make a choice.


There are methods to choose  the colours of our creations that will ensure harmony for them.

You will have the tools to make the right choices.

Warp a loom front to back

6 hours (warp already do)

9 hours (including chain preparation)


Personalized mentoring available

By videoconference : $ 70* / hour

In person : on demand


REPS workshop

12 hours (2 days of 6 hours)

Practical workshop on run robbin.  Each participant must prepare his loom and is responsible for it.  During the workshop you will weave on each loom to see different weaves, textures, fibers,...


Several courses are offered on Fiberworks (software for designing weaving patterns).  Here are few examples:

Fiberworks : tutorials

You want to take up the challenge of making your drawdown from patterns found in a magazine or on the internet. Well, this work is for you.

Different levels

Fiberworks : beginner

(requiring : know how to read a pattern)

Fiberworks : intermediate/advanced



Summer and winter

Summer and winter sur Fiberworks

Crédit photo : Image au carré
Crédit photo : Image au carré

Maryse Giroux

She grew up in a flooring and decorating retail business. There she discovered a taste for colours and the impact they have on our moods. At the age of seventeen, she was introduced to weaving. This art allows her a wide range of creations. She also has a training as a chartered professional accountant which leads her to analyze and want to understand how to design textiles. This thirst for learning has led her to take several training courses in Quebec, Ontario and even in the United States. Also on different types of looms such as 4 harnesses, multiharnesses and even Jacquard. His taste for weaving is such that his husband Denis Séguin created the Séguin Looms to facilitate his art. She is a member of the Conseil des Métiers d'Art du Québec. Finally, she has been sharing her knowledge in weaving since 2012 and her involvement in sharing knowledge in weaving is growing with the offer of different group courses throughout Quebec and private and now even through online courses.


* Canadian dollar and taxes are not included

Métiers Séguin
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