Inserted eye heddles 9.5 inches

$ 39.00 * by pack of 200
$ 90.00 * by pack of 500


Correction heddles 9.5 inches

$ 3.50 * by pack of 10
$ 4.20 * by pack of 12



Sectional warp beam

You can add this to the trolley of a Séguin loom.

The rakes are made of stainless steel.

$ 890 * for the 24 inches

Stainless steel reed

Robust and strengthened with 2 reinforcements.

Ros en acier inoxydable

Product numberDPISize may contain threads **Total widthPrice *
TISROS1908819 inches19.75 inches$ 59.00
TISROS2708827 inches27.75 inches$ 102.00
TISROS19101019 inches19.75 inches$ 59.00
TISROS27101027 inches27.75 inches$ 102.00
TISROS19121219 inches19.75 inches$ 59.00
TISROS27121227 inches27.75 inches$ 102.00
TISROS19151519 inches19.75 inches$ 59.00
TISROS27151527 inches27.75 inches$ 102.00
TISROS27181827 inches27.75 inches$ 122.00
TISROS27202027 inches27.75 inches$ 122.00

Reed height including reinforcements : 4.75 inches.

Strengthened by two welded reinforced ends. A wider end with the identification of the number of dents per inch and a slightly narrower end. These reinforcements add a total 0.75 inches to the reed.

Stainless steel enhances durability by preventing the oxidation that would catch on your fiber.

Number of dents per inch is written in large font.

The 19-inch reed are suitable for 15-inch Seguin Looms.
The 27-inch reed are suitable for 24-inch Seguin Looms.

Other sizes available on request.

Rakes in stainless steel (the bracket)

$ 1.75 * each
$ 1.50 * each for 10 and more


Measuring tape

60 inches and 152 cm


Allen key

* Canadian dollar and taxes are not included

** Approximate

Métiers Séguin
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