The company Services E.D.A.P.I. inc. was created in 2004 by Denis Séguin, to develop customized technology products. He has worked in several areas that it is for the creation of technological tools, or their maintenance and repair. It is with this experience that the idea of creating weaving looms came to his mind. It is also to meet the demands of his wife, Maryse Giroux, a weaving passionate, who encountered many problems on different looms.

Denis Séguin has helped to set and adjust several looms over the years, to the point that others have begun to ask for his help, and mainly for computer-assisted looms, either dobby looms or Jacquard looms. His multiple interventions have allowed him to discover what was popular and what was hated by the many weavers.

Keeping in mind all the comments he had collected, he decided to develop and manufacture a motorized and computer-assisted weaving loom. The result of these efforts is the creation of the Seguin Looms.

Special thanks to Louise Lemieux Bérubé who tested the first operational prototype, as well as to Julie Lambert who tested the second, and all other weavers of Tisserins de Laval who tested the third one.

Métier à tisser Séguin
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