Drawdown - The Thrilling Twills Collection

The complete Thrilling Twills library is a collection of 4000 twill design files in dtx and wif format which can open in any weaving software compatible with either format. The collection was originally set up by Ingrid Boesel with a series of pdf catalog pages with images and links to the actual weaving files. Unfortunately, security measures in modern pdf readers such as Acrobat Reader DC now prevent these links from opening in software other than web browsers.

As a result we are releasing the collection simply as folders of weaving files which you can open in Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows. The collection has been subdivided into zip files containing groups of folders to keep downloads short. Each folder is identified by two digits for number of shafts e.g. 08s.... for eight shafts, followed by a letter identifying the group and a descriptive name for the type of twill, for example 08sD Divided, 08sL Advancing, etc.

When you click a folder open, you will see an array of files, each identified by the prefix with the number of shafts and group letter followed by a serial number. There are three files for each twill, a dtx file for Fiberworks, a gif image that displays a thumbnail if the folder is displayed as medium to large icons, and a wif file that can open in Fiberworks as well as other weaving software. If you sort the contents of each folder by file name and display as icons, you should see the gif thumbnail flanked on either side by the dtx version on its left and the wif on its right.

pattern of weaving
Patron de tissage
Tracé d'armure

Double click either the dtx or the wif to open in Fiberworks; double click the wif to open in other software. The gif will not open in weaving programs; it's only there to give you a quick preview of each twill.

Note that the files are templates rather than complete designs ready to weave. You should expand threading and treadling with your software's Repeat function give the required number of threads for your weaving.

The downloads belows have been presented as zip files suitable for Mac and self-extracting zip files for Windows.


Use Finder to create a new folder to receive the files. Copy or drag the zip file from your Downloads folder and paste or drop it into the new folder.

Then double click the zip file to expand it into the folder.

5 to 8 shafts zip, 1.9 Mb

9 to 11 shafts zip, 1.8 Mb

12 to 15 shafts zip, 2.5 Mb

16 to 18 shafts zip, 2 Mb

20 to 24 shafts zip, 2.6 Mb

28 to 32 shafts zip, 1 Mb

28 to 32 shafts zip, 37 Mb

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