Frequently Asked Questions

How to warp the Séguin loom?

There is a series of 6 videos on our channel YouTube.

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Do you have a video that explains how the brake works on the Séguin loom?

How should the brake cable be wound on the rear beam of the loom?

How to install the heddles on a Séguin loom?

Which reed should I use to weave?

Answer: Voir la densité et les ros.
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Is it possible to get an overview of Fiberworks (software)?

Answer: Yes, here is an introduction video to Fiberworks on Windows.

What are the differences between the Fiberworks versions?


Answer: Here is a table of Fiberworks version comparison

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How to get Fiberworks validated?


Answer: Validation de Fiberworks

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Is there a group on Fiberworks ?

How do I install Fiberworks on my computer?